What You Need to Know About Your Electric Garage Door

If you live in East or, West Sussex and you have an electric garage door, then, there are a few things that you should know or, already be doing. If you have found your way here because your door has broken down then you need to pay extra special attention;


Automatic garage door owners of homes should get them serviced at least once every 18 months. If you run a company, you should get your garage doors serviced and repaired once a year. In between the service periods, you should keep the door clean and prevent any chance of the mechanism getting stuck or you could be looking into electric garage door repairs in Worthing, sooner than would have liked to.

User error

One of the most common causes of an electric garage door failure is that, there hasn’t been a regular maintenance schedule in place or, that something has been left in such a place that it prevents the door from opening which can damage the operating mechanism which can result in complete failure. So, as you can see, it’s not necessarily the doors that give up, it’s the lack of care.


Some people might be asking themselves why they should set up a maintenance schedule, as if the thought of it breaking down wasn’t enough. When you employ somebody to service it for you, you get a guarantee! That means that, if there any other similar issues in between servicing intervals, then you’ve got your back covered, and your door.

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