What is Site Preparation and how does it Factor Into Home Building?

If you have a new lot and you are interested in getting started with the build process it’s very important that you consider the value of site preparation first. Site preparation often involves a series of important steps that need to take place before the building process begins. Completing these steps in a proper time crunch will make sure that your new building can be a success and the project can have the maximum lifespan. In this article were going to cover some of the basics of site preparation and what you can expect in the process:

Soil Testing

A soil test is one aspect that needs to take place before a site purchase. Professional excavators can handle the process of a soil test and make sure that the soil can withstand the structure and absorb moisture accordingly. There are some sites that may not be deemed suitable for commercial construction processes or large structures. Proper soil testing makes sure that you can build the structure that you’d like to build on an applicable property.

Site Clearing

A professional excavator will also be able to handle the process of removing unwanted trees, brush, and other potential obstacles that could prevent you from building on the site.

Build Planning

Excavation crews will start with the planning process and map out areas like the underground drainage trenches, electrical, plumbing, and more.


On a geotechnical site investigation, experts will use accumulated data to create a design for drainage. This involves an analysis of the soil, rocks, and groundwater to ensure that your future structure can be kept safe.

Compaction And Grading

Proper grading will make sure the drainage can force water away from the foundation of your new structure. Compaction will also make sure that you will be able to use a variety of equipment on the site safely and handle the construction process.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind regarding the early parts of site preparation. Whatever that site preparation is a must before any construction or builds process.

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