What is a Kegerator and Why Do I Need One?

Anyone that is involved in homebrewing will have heard of a kegerator. They are popular for many reasons and lots of people who make a brew from home have invested in a kegerator. Some have decided to make them while most buy prefabricated kegerators from companies online. A lot of homebrews are interested in kegerators but know little about them. This article helps the reader to better understand what they are about.

Definition of a Kegerator

You may have guessed it from the name that kegerator is a cross between a keg and a refrigerator. It is an at-home draught dispensing machine. It operates off the same system as you would see in your local bar. A keg is filled with beer, the contents of the keg are siphoned out and the beer is served through a tap.

If you are searching for kegerators for sale in Brisbane, you will find a variety of models online and at selected stores. If you opt for a full-size kegerator, it will include a pressurised CO2 tank that pushes beer out of the keg and down the faucet.

They come in an assortment of styles with a variety of accessories to suit your needs. They were created for homebrewers who want to enjoy a craft beer the way nature intended – cold, fresh, and out of a tap.

There are four times of kegerators on the market:

  • Mini kegerators
  • Full-size home kegerators
  • Commercial kegerators
  • Outdoor kegerators

As you can see, there are several options which makes it easy to buy a product to suit your needs.

Valuable Investment

Now you know what a kegerator is, you should start to think about the advantages of buying one.

  • Taste

Most beer drinkers will tell you that beer tastes better when served from a tap. With a kegerator, your beer always tastes better than when it comes from a can or bottle.

  • Cost-effective

Buying beer from a keg or brewing beer and storing it in a keg is always going to be cheaper than visiting your local bar. Owning a kegerator saves you money.

Instead of dreaming of a cold, crisp draft beer at home, invest in a kegerator and make it a reality. Kegerators are an essential piece of kit for any homebrewer or beer lover who enjoys a drink from the tap. Depending on what you buy, your kegerator can hold different sized kegs and keep the brew at optimal temperature.

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