What Causes Recurring Clog Issues?

The topic of clog issues is never a fun one. Whether it’s in your toilet, sink, or shower, the constant water flow is incredibly frustrating. It can take away from overall cleanliness within your home. The key to avoiding these recurring clog issues is prevention rather than just repairing what already exists.

It’s important to understand what causes recurring clog issues and take measures regularly to avoid these problems. Let’s explore what causes toilet clogs and how you can prevent recurrent clog issues in your toilets.

There are many factors that cause recurring clog issues in your toilets. The main culprit, according to most home repair experts, is toilet paper. Other things that can cause trouble include hair, toys, backpack straps, and even people who misuse the toilet.

The most common toilet clog issues occur when people flush small or foreign objects down the toilet. This leads to several problems, such as an incomplete flush. This can cause any number of issues, such as a backed-up drain or a toilet that overflows.

Even though it may not seem like much, one way you can prevent this type of clog is to invest in those bulk bags of toilet paper that are harder to rip and break off into smaller pieces.

Another problem with toilet clogs can be the cause enough to disturb your daily routine. This happens when you have a large, disgusting blockage in your toilet. The leading cause of this is the buildup of hair, food particles, and even wipes or drug paraphernalia.

Do you ever notice a strange odor in your bathroom after someone uses the toilet? There may be a blockage in the pipes if this occurs. If not addressed quickly, this can lead to further problems with recurring clog issues such as flooding and sewage backups.

The best way to avoid recurring clog issues in your toilets is to take preventative measures to keep the pipes clean. It’s important to schedule a cleaning service at least once a year, especially if others use your bathroom on a regular basis. This type of service generally includes cleaning out the drains, pipes and even installing a basket that catches hair before building up within the drain.

Another way that you can prevent future clog issues in your toilet is by keeping all trash and wipe containers in another room. This includes the toilet bowl cleaner and spare rolls of toilet paper. This will help prevent small children from reaching into the toilet bowl to find toys or game pieces and then throwing them in.

Fortunately, professional drain cleaning services like Clog Kings LLC  can help with recurring clog issues in your home.

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