Three Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Drainage Contractors in Houston

As a Houston area home or commercial property owner, you’ve likely encountered online and paper posters and fliers advertising “unbelievable” drainage and landscaping deals. While landscapers and drainage contactors often market their services online and in the neighborhoods that they serve, it’s vital that property owners do their diligence and choose professional drainage contactors in Houston to work with. The alternate – choosing transient and fly-by-night operators – might be slightly cheaper to begin with, but may cost you a lot more in the long run!

Here are three reasons to choose experience and professionalism:

  • The Bane of standing Water

Unlike seasonal workers or one-person operations, experienced Houston drainage contractors have the staff, equipment, and networks to help you permanently deal with the bane of perpetual standing water on your property. Why is standing water such a problem for property owners? Well, three critical reasons why you should worry about stagnant water pools on or around your landscapes include:

  1. Slip and fall hazard: Standing water creates slimy, slippery conditions – not just in the puddles they form, but also in the surrounding areas. In the hot Houston climate, while the water may evaporate, the slippery muck often lingers. Passers by your property might inadvertently step on the slime and slip/fall, leaving property owners with potential liability.
  2. Harmful to landscaping features: While some plants and bushes thrive in standing water, many delicate varieties flourish only in well-drained, well-drained topography. Professional drainage contactors in Houston know that standing water can suffocate and rot the roots of plants and flower beds. They therefore make drainage their number one priority, without leaving unsightly ditches and trenches on the property.
  3. Human health hazard: Standing water attracts undesirable insects and bugs to your property. Unless expertly and quickly dealt with, the stagnant water puddles turn into mosquito breeding grounds, forcing home and property owners to retreat indoors instead of enjoying their landscapes on cool Houston nights.
  • Property Damage

Veteran drainage experts will tell you that there’s no bigger danger to your property, than faulty drainage features.  Often unseen, water from incorrectly designed or implemented drainage seeps too close to foundations and walls, wreaking major property damage. By the time property owners wise-up to the destruction caused by water from wayward drainage systems, it might be too late to find the transient Houston drainage contractors who did the work. Home and business owners may face thousands of dollars in repair and restoration costs to set things right.

  • Soil and Landscape Erosion

Though Houston isn’t the wettest or rainiest city in Texas, it does receive its fair share of downpours. Without proper drainage to harmlessly guide the overflowing water through your property, you risk major soil erosion. Landscaping elements that you worked hard to plant yourself, or expensive flower beds that you had professional landscapers design and plant for you, may quickly vanish in the unchanneled torrent.

Experienced drainage contactors in Houston will tell you that it’s not just soil that runs off, or landscaping features that get damaged through erosion. Left unchecked, this duo may even cause properties to tilt and slope dangerously, posing a threat to homes and structures built on the land.

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