The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Granite

On the aesthetic side, you are spoiled for choice: granite comes in many looks and colors. Sand, grey, veined, bronze, black, the choice is vast and matches all kitchens and all bathrooms. For the finish, you can choose between a polished or shiny, satin or honed finish. The “brushed flamed” finish also remains an excellent alternative.

Disadvantages Of A Granite Worktop

Its price is the main drawback. Indeed, a slice of granite has a much higher price than laminate or quartz, because granite is a stone you have to cut. Thus, on average, you will count between 800 euros and 1,500 euros for a granite worktop.

However, the investment is quickly profitable since you benefit from a durable surface by opting for a granite worktop. The ideal is to opt for a water-repellent granite, offering ideal porosity. It should also be noted that a light granite worktop makes defects less visible but remains less resistant compared to dark granite. The satin finish also gives you less resistance to stains, which is why a polished finish is often appropriate for a worktop.

Use Granite For Your Stairs

Many individuals also opt for granite like in Granite Selection for instance for the steps of their stairs. Whether outdoors or indoors, it must be secure, functional, and aesthetic, which is why the staircase is rarely built in 100% stone. The structure is often made of concrete and the cladding of granite. This gives you better solidity, standing the test of time. As granite remains very resistant, a staircase made of granite facings is not likely to wear out at the passages of shoes. The years will pass, and the granite will not change.

It also offers easier maintenance. Indeed, as granite like bedrock Quartz for example is a treated stone, it remains suitable for stairs thanks to its water-repellent treatment. Also, granite stairs can be cleaned and maintained quickly. It should also be noted that granite is a noble material that will add an aesthetic touch to your staircase.

Disadvantages Of A Granite Staircase

Despite its advantages, the granite staircase also has some disadvantages. It is much more expensive compared to other types of stair covering. Indeed, it is necessary to plan between 5,000 and 12,000 euros for a stone staircase, depending on the type of granite used. However, choose a concrete structure instead of a granite staircase to limit costs. It should also be noted that the risk of falling is higher if you opt for smooth granite. Some granite stairs are too porous, which will limit strength. Other types of granite used for stairs also tend to stain quickly. In addition to choosing the suitable stones, you will have to entrust the construction of your granite staircase to a professional. It should also be noted that installing a granite staircase will take more time than a wooden staircase.

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