Is Tomato a Fruit Or a Vegetable? Let’s find out!

Many have mistaken tomatoes for being a vegetable and not fruit. In this article, you will learn about what tomato fruit is and its health benefits. Discover how healthy these delicious and nutritious tomatoes are at https://tomatomentor.com.

History of tomato

Tomatoes are fruits. Tomato is a palatable berry from the Solanum Lycopersicum plant. A specie originated in Central America, Mexico, and Western South America. It has risen to the Spanish word Tomate, which is in the English word “Tomato”.

A fruit or a vegetable?

The old-age question has an answer now; tomatoes can be both a vegetable and a fruit. Tomatoes are fruits and are considered vegetables by the nutritionist. It is botanically defined as fruits because they form from flower and contains seeds. Still, it is often used like a vegetable in cooking. While in the US Supreme Court ruled that tomatoes must be classified as vegetables based on their culinary applications.

Tomato is one of the first plant people reach for added to their vegetable garden. But, they are one of the trickiest to manage and grow. Many say that it is difficult to grow, but it is not! They only become difficult to grow because they are prone from the start of the growing season. Zippering is one of the problems and it is an issue that you might have heard of.

Tomato zippering

Tomato zippering is not usually spoken of, yet quite common. It is one of the least concerning or damaging, contributing to the lack of focus. Zippering is a purely-cosmetic problem that appears on fruit, specifically tomatoes. It is a zipper-like lesion that appears on the fruit skin, ranging in depth and length.

If the problem is severe, it develops large holes in the fruits. When you check on the appearance of the tomato, you will see only one zippered scar from the center of the fruit. Multiple lesions appear, but don’t affect the fruit’s flesh underneath. Thus, it affects the marketing of these tomatoes since buyers usually based the appearance before buying.

The holes can make the fruit more vulnerable to disease problems and pests, but don’t affect the flesh at all. Although it would not affect all fruits, it doesn’t affect the taste. The symptoms of zippering look the same as tomato cracking or cat-facing. Fruits experience these problems along with zippering. But, there are uniquely different issues with separate fixes and causes.

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