How to Make a Roof Into a Deck

Have you ever found yourself in need of a deck, but with minimal yard space. You could turn your roof into a deck by adding some structural support!  So if you’re looking for an easy-to-build outdoor space without throwing out your renovation plans, then keep reading.

Here’s how you do it

Making a deck out of a roof is a relatively simple process, actually. It involves removing your roof, adding some sort of support structure from the inside of the house, such as new walls if you live in an apartment or just adding crossbeams if you’re renting, then putting down some subflooring and covering all that with decking.

In order to build your deck, you will need to start by adding beams onto the underside of each rafter. This ensures that they are all connected and gives the roof some support. Making sure that these beams are level with each other is important, as it will make the rest of the deck-making process a lot easier.

Next, you’ll need to address your joists. You can add them vertically, with the top one sitting on top of the beams and the bottom one actually connecting to the underside of the beams. Or you could add them horizontally by putting them underneath each beam.

Once your joists are in place, it’s time to lay down your deck boards. Make sure that you line them up with each other so that they’re all attached vertically. You’ll need to nail those boards down too, making sure that none of them are at an angle.

As a finishing touch, you can run a railing around the outside to give your deck an extra touch of style. Use the same wood that you used for your deck boards or choose something else to match your house.

So there you have it – a new deck rooftop. So much more room for entertaining now!

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