Flooring Alternatives for Warehouse Applications

A warehouse floor is probably one of the most traffic heavy areas outside of the city streets. So many kinds of activities occur in warehouses. Delivery trucks, forklifts, pallet trucks and all manner of carts, not to mention all the foot traffic. When considering a floor for one of these areas you need to consider various kinds of liquid spills, traction, durability, and cost. Another consideration is whether you will have colour schemes or floor markings, and what is all supposed to look like in the end. Here are some of the things to consider,

Safety: There are a few factors to look at regarding the safety of warehouse floors. First, you want to have a surface that has good traction, to avoid slips and falls. You also want to use a material that has colour choices, so that you can map out areas as dangerous, or reserved for various processes. You also want to choose colours that let you see spills easily.

Cost: Cost is a consideration for any project obviously, but the application cost might be a smaller concern than the lifetime of the product used. You need to know how often you will have to reapply or repair the flooring material. If you have an area that endures a high amount of traffic. Look for a material that is incredibly long lasting, like epoxy. You can find warehouse epoxy flooring services in Adelaide. With lower traffic facilities you might want to consider the comfort of the employees and install rubber flooring.

Maintenance and Cleaning. Depending on the warehouse, you may want to choose a material based specifically on how easy it is to wash or to sweep. Rubber based flooring is difficult to sweep and depending on the surface is difficult to clean except by a pressure washer. Paint can be easy to sweep and clean at first, but it will begin to break-down quicker than epoxy.

Appearance: It is not that often that appearance is the main consideration in a warehouse, but depending on what activity is considered, you might be able to make the place quite elegant. Large scale tile and hardwood installations can be very attractive. But they will not stand up to much abuse.

Every warehouse is different, your best bet might be to look at what the industry standards are for your application. Epoxy seems to be the product that ticks the most boxes, but rubber floors have health benefits, and other surfaces can be quite elegant.

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