Flies And Pests Carry Germs; Try To Maintain A Safe Distance

Flies are everywhere; they will not bite you but carry deadly diseases. So whenever you see any decaying thing, flies will barge into it as they love to sit or breed on those things. They are attracted to rotten things like carcasses, faeces, or compost heaps. Blue bottle fly is easily identifiable among many flies because of their colour. Their colour is either metallic blue or green bodies. The flies have some natural characteristics as they are easily recognizable by their sound, and also, it’s hard to hit a fly as their movement is very fast.

Are They Harmful?

Yes, they are, as they dont have the habit of washing hands like us. They take germs from the garbage and place them wherever they sit. They also lay eggs on open food by eating so we can seriously get infected by a deadly disease. They also sit on open wounds, which leads to serious infections.

What Are The Steps To Be Taken?

Blue bottle fly is labelled as harmful, so if you are encountering an infestation of flies in your room, try to grab a spray immediately or inform any expert who will take good care of those flies.

Try not to keep your food open, and flies can smell anything. So try to remain safe.

If there is too much infestation of flies, contact the authority of the complex to see whether there are any open garbage or decaying organic matter attracting flies.

Not only flies, but we also encounter cockroaches, spiders, bugs, or ants in our house, and we don’t know where they came from. So they are all regarded as pests. If the vent or crack in our house is a bit large, then mice are seen loitering in the house.

Places Where They Can Be Found

  • Laundry Rooms
  • Walls
  • Around Any Chimney
  • Corners
  • Back Of Any Doors
  • Drawers
  • Behind The Kitchen Cabinet

How Can We Get Rid Of It?

We hardly know where they manage to enter the house, so there is a material named Steel wool for mice which keeps the mice and other pests out of the house. So only you need to apply those in those specific areas. So this material is soft and can be applied easily inside the cracks. So after a few seconds, the material gets hardened enough to restrict the block of any pests. Mice or pests can’t chew on that material, so they get blocked on the other end. Please ensure no gaps are left after applying, as mice can squeeze through any hole.


Try to keep your home clean to prevent pests or mice from interfering, and do purchase a good quality steel wool for mice; otherwise, it will fall apart after a few days. And if you don’t have time for an application, you can call the pest control department to get hold of everything by wiping them off.

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