A Quick Guide to the Gas Hobs

Gas hobs have become highly popular as they provide more control compared to electric hobs. So, it is pretty natural for people to see modern chefs cooking on gas hobs. You will find gas hobs in varying sizes that begin with a compact 2-burn hob to a 6-burner model. However, the 4-burner models are considered highly common as here; you can cook pans of varying sizes simultaneously. Now, when you have a busy household or when you need to have a big homemade stir-fry, then you can opt for a 5-burn gas hob too.

The dimensions and sizes of the gas hobs

When you shop for gas hobs Singapore, you will be needed to consider the sizes and dimensions of these hobs like:

  • 55-60cm – A 60cm has hob is considered the usual width of a hob and it does fit into most of the kitchens.
  • 60-70cm – A 60-70cm gas hob is a little larger compared to a standard gas hob but it does fit into a width space of 60cm effectively well.
  • 70-90cm – When you choose a 70-90cm gas hob, then you will get a lot of cooking space. However, before you buy a gas hob of this size you need to check the area of your kitchen well.

What makes a gas stove different from a gas hob?

The chief difference between a gas stove and a gas hob is the latter is designed for fitting on the kitchen seamlessly. On the other hand, a gas stove happens to be a freestanding appliance unit. Though both of them serve some fundamental functions, a built-in gas hob turns into a better alternative to a conventional gas stove. Some reasons that prompt people to buy a gas hob are:

  • Easy to use – You can use a gas hob easily in comparison to a gas stove. When you cook meals in huge quantities, then you have to lift the large food-filled pots for putting them on the top of a pot stand. But when you use a gas hob, you can keep it on the surface level. Again, for lighting a gas hob, you need not use a lighter as turning on the control knob is enough for lighting the burners.
  • Convenient and faster cooking – When you use a conventional gas stove, you get the option to either decrease or increase the burner flame. On the other hand, gas hobs have multi-flame features. When you increase the level of the flame, you can form a higher cooking temperature that would be ideal for quickening your cooking time.
  • Improved safety – People opt for a gas hob as it is a safer choice. The modern hobs are found with flame failure feature and this feature is intended to turn off the supply of gas automatically when the burners’ flame goes out.
  • Stylish appearance – The gas hobs look more stylish in comparison to the customary gas stoves. The modern hobs form a modern style statement as they have a sleek look. You will find them in glass top variations that are ideal for providing a stylish look to your cooking space.

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