6 Qualities That Make A Successful Airbnb

While many are drawn to place their property on Airbnb for the promise of a simple and lucrative source of extra income, the reality is not without its challenges. One of the main modern hurdles for Airbnb hosts is, perhaps expectedly, local competition. The popularity of such websites, as well as the ease of their use, has prompted many to begin considering creating their own profile.

This saturation of the market, coupled with changing expectations from guests, can be slightly overwhelming for newcomers. However, there are six consistent qualities of a successful guest stay that are sure to help new hosts achieve greater popularity in the area.

Responsive Hosting

One of the most commonly expressed frustrations by guests is a slow response time by hosts. Unlike hotels, which tend to have more established customer service operations, individual hosts tend to fall behind on their profiles, which can lead to the loss of bookings and poor reviews. While it may be a bit more work, keeping notifications on and being ready to respond quickly will help a stay’s profile considerably.

Extra Amenities

While Airbnb’s aren’t always expected to have amenities, anything from slippers to shampoo, adding them can make a great first impression. Hosts will soon find that the small cost of a few snacks or similar luxuries will keep guests happy and signify that they care about the quality of a guest’s experience.

Privacy And Access

While Airbnb was founded on the concept of renting out a spare room inside a home, there is a well-defined preference among guests for a room that is separate from a central living space. While some are happy to temporarily cohabit with a host, many will want to have their own privacy and access.

For hosts, this means considering outbuildings, such as cabins and summer houses, those that can be independent from a central living space and dedicated entirely to a guest’s comfort.

Security Assurances

The act of entering a host’s home and leaving personal belongings throughout a stay can be worrying to some. This is why the presence of a lockbox or safe can make a significant difference to a guest’s comfort, even for the purpose of keeping passports and money secure. Others may find that a lock on a room’s door is worthwhile too.

Clear Expectations

One only needs to spend a few minutes scanning reviews on the Airbnb website to see one of the most common triggers for negative reviews is miscommunication. Some hosts, for example, will expect guests to clean up after themselves, while others will hire cleaners or even take on the job themselves. If such a task is not explicitly outlined on a host’s profile, however, then guests may fail to adhere to expectations and find themselves upset.

Local Information

The very nature of a guest visiting is likely to indicate that they are unfamiliar with the local area. As a host, you can make a wonderful first impression by offering advice or guidance to the local area, such as recommendations for eateries or tips for avoiding local tourist scams.

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